Rauxhyde Punk Rocks

are: “The Naked Truth”, “The Big, Fat Naked Truth”, “The Bold Truth”, “The Single Bold Truth”, “The Boldest Truth Of All”, and “Punk Diva” jewelry lines.

Fine artisan jewelry, comprised of semi-precious and precious stones combined with nickel free Sterling Silver; reiki-infused custom designs and one-of-a-kinds, handcrafted in New Mexico.

My name is Sissy Hyde. I’m a sculptor and painter by trade, and have been creating unusual custom jewelry since the 80’s. I started collecting minerals, stones and crystals in 1989 and was initiated into Reiki in 1995.

Stones have been adored, carried, worn and used for adornment throughout history, and each stone has been attributed over the hundreds of years to possess its own set of properties.

The selection of stones and minerals in different formats has increased drastically since 2002, with many stones and minerals in nugget and faceted forms coming to market.

I source my stones from vendors all around the globe. Selected for their unusual shapes, colors, clarity, and properties, the stones are engineered into my unique designs, using all nickel-free Sterling silver and/or combined with leather sections.

Because I work with a variable and limited supply of stones, my necklace designs are always changing and new, as different versions of the stones are discovered and become available. 

My aim is to create beautiful, unusual, wearable pieces of art that set off the individuality of the stones and the wearer, yet are also subconscious and conscious “energy working tools”.

No two are exactly alike, and each person has different tastes and issues.

In the “Naked Truth” and “Bold Truth” lines the selection of strands will vary according to the wearers needs or taste, creating a custom look on each person as they layer their strands. Several layered strands create the look of a stunning custom collar.

“The Naked Truth” is that its all about the stone, so smaller to medium-sized stones on snake chain, create a more minimalistic look, as if the stones were floating, with less focus on chain.

“The Bold Truth” is a bolder version of the concept, with larger stones on bold, oval link, mirror-shine chain.

“Punk Divas” are custom statement necklaces, created according to a specific recipe i.e. protection, health, attraction, luck, or a combination thereof covering all those aspects, and appear layered.

I also still create custom work for those seeking yet a more individualized, or heirloom jewelry piece.

Each stone is hand selected and reiki-infused; upon completion the necklaces are cleansed of any negative energy possibly exposed to during mining, cutting, drilling, polishing and then programmed for their purpose. Each piece is handcrafted with precision and executed in nickel free Sterling Silver.

I source the best stones I can find as they’re intended to be worn for life, and create every piece with the same attention to detail, as I truly love working with the stones.

A stone is forever, and will outlive us!


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