Custom “Spanish Dancer” Punk Diva ….stress buster!

“Raven haired beauty playing the castanets”, button on knotted chocolate deer hide front section with african white metal, copper marriage triangle rings, and brass donuts trade beads, hand wired together in Sterling silver to bold oval sterling chain.

Stone contents:

faceted Prehnite nugget,

faceted smoky Quartz nugget,

natural Heliodor crystal, straight drilled,

faceted Amazonite nugget,

natural double terminated quartz crystal (N.Y.),

faceted Heliodor rondelle,

Idocrase, or “Vesuvianite”,

faceted Labradorite,

faceted Prasiolite nugget,

faceted Citrine nugget,

natural color, tumbled smooth Aquamarine,

AAAA vintage Larimar rondelle,

natural rare grassy green Sapphire,

faceted Mexican Fire Opal rondelles,

natural turquoise hue Apatite,

faceted onion cute Moss Aquamarine drop,

rutilated Quartz drop,

Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl drop,

and  one metallic red safety pin;

medium Sterling infinity clasp, Sterling jump rings and 5 mm bead.

Length: 16 +3/4″ – 17 +1/2″.

$ 389.00.

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