“Frau Doktor” at “HydeHomeBaseLabs” Gallery / Art-Hop T or C, NM, Sat. April

Frau Doctor doesn’t manage to attend all such events, but last Saturday with no migraine in sight, it was a perfect opportunity.

Frau Doktor is a performance character I created in 1979. Our painting instructor Gael Bennet  @ UCCS, brought in performance artist Tony Blue (New York). His guest instruction proved to have a profound influence on me; I started creating characters and quickly arrived at “Frau Doktor” which came naturally to me, as I was raised in a German doctor’s household.

“Frau Doktor und Tante Hertrude im Labor”, the 1981 performance by myself & John Haeseler of Colorado Springs, at the “Docu-Da-Da-Dada” in Manitou Springs, started this pattern of Frau Doctor either performing or attending public events.

Frau Doctor in this pic here, is fully clad in Raux Hyde “Punk Rocks”.

If you’d like to see more images of Frau Doktor you can do so at: HydeHomeBaseLabs.com IMG_7328on the performance page.

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