Bathing Venus

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“Bathing Venus” Punk Diva ingredients:
“Foam bath Nude” Gil Elvgren, vintage 50’s pin-up button, on knotted “blonde” front deer hide section with

– African white metal,
– copper marriage triangle ring,
– and brass trade donut beads.

Hand wired together in Sterling Silver to bold, flat, oval link Sterling chain,
– Sterling wire, clasp, end bead, ball pins and jump rings.

Stone List:
– Natural Blue Topaz tumbled nugget,
– faceted Prasiolite nugget,
– faceted Prehnite nugget,
– faceted Amazonite nugget,
– Heliodor natural crystal bead,
– Indicolite (Blue) Tourmaline natural crystal bead,
– Vesuvianite smooth oval,
– Brazilian Emerald ovals,
– frosted Green Opal,
– natural double terminated (N.Y.) crystal beads,
– Cats eye Chrysoberyl oval beads,
– faceted Rutile Quartz front drop,
– faceted Chrysoprase drop,
– Gaspeite smooth oval bead,
– rare, natural grassy-green Sapphire tumbled nugget,
– faceted Green Garnet drop,
– Chrome Diopside smooth oval drop,
– faceted Serpentine oval drop,
– faceted Citrine drop,
– faceted Mexican Fire Opal,
– faceted natural champagne Zircon drop,
– and 1 metallic green safety pin.

16” – 16+1/2”.

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Stone properties:
Manifestation of excellent health and well being, healing and regeneration on all levels, fever and hot flash reduction, …blue topaz and indicolite aid against migraines and hormonal headaches, cooling, calming, release of excess energy, energy extension, and clearance and balance of energy. Serpentine aids against animal, plant and food allergies, Mexican Fire Opal = physical power, stamina, happiness, attraction, good luck and protection.


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