Lasso Cow Girl

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“Lasso Cow Girl” Punk Diva ingredients:

“Cow Girl wearing Bandana, throwing Lasso” Gil Elvgren “retro” 50’s pin-up button on knotted “blonde” front deer hide section with:

– African white metal,
– copper marriage triangle ring,
– and brass donut trade beads.

Hand wired together in Sterling Silver to bold, flat oval Sterling chain,
– Sterling wire, clasp, end bead, ball pins and jump rings.

Stone List:
– rare, natural, clear teal-blue Kyanite faceted drops,
– faceted AA Mexican Fire Opal rondelles and tumbled front drop,
– Indicolite (Blue) Tourmaline natural crystal bead,
– natural Citrine faceted nugget,
– AAA Larimar rondelle,
– natural Aquamarine tumbled nugget,
– Heliodor natural crystal bead,
– faceted, dyed Fire Agate round,
– rare Hemimorphite oval,
– natural Blue Topaz tumbled nugget,
– rare, natural “chocolate” Sapphire oval,
– rare, natural caramel-yellow Sapphire tumbled nugget,
– AA Labradorite smooth oval,
– natural Apatite oval drop,
– and 1 metallic red safety pin.

16” – 16 +1/2”.

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Stone properties:
Spiritual Inspiration and alignment, compassion; protection;
healing, cooling, aid to migraines and hormonal headaches;
stress reliever, physical stamina power, charisma, attraction, eternal love, luck, happiness, financial well being, enthusiasm towards new situations, opportunities and conditions.


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