Spanish Dancer

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“Spanish Dancer” Punk Diva ingredients:

“in Lingerie playing castanets” Gil Elvgren vintage 50’s pin-up button on knotted “chocolate” front deer hide section with:
– African white metal,
– copper marriage triangle ring,
– and brass donut trade beads.

Hand wired together in Sterling Silver to bold, flat, oval Sterling chain,
– Sterling wire, clasp, end bead, ball pins and jump rings.

Stone List:
– natural, tumbled Aquamarine nugget,
– natural, faceted Citrine nugget,
– natural, faceted Prehnite nugget,
– natural, faceted Smoky Quartz nugget,
– faceted Prasiolite nugget,
– checkerboard faceted AAA Labradorite,
– Heliodor natural crystal bead,
– faceted Amazonite nugget,
– Vesuvianite oval,
– natural double terminated (N.Y.) crystal bead,
– faceted AA Heliodor rondelles,
– faceted AA Mexican Fire Opal rondelles,
– natural Alexandrite ovals,
– Cat’s eye Chrysoberyl ovals,
– natural Apatite oval,
– rare, natural grassy-green Sapphire tumbled nugget,
– AAAA vintage Larimar rondelle,
– and 1 metallic red safety pin.

16” – 16+1/2”.

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Stone properties:
“Stress-buster”, removal of stress, diligence in resolving issues and processing of information to achieve progress and movement through difficult situations;
manifestation of positivity, observance of personal boundaries, calming, soothing, cooling, healing, re-energizing, drain of excess energy, energy extension and balance;
stamina, energy, physical power, sexual attraction / attraction, protection, luck;
Heliodor = physical well being / healing, and helps with gastro intestinal issues.


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