The Naked Truth AAA Tanzanite (Steady)

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Naked Truth Tanzanite & Single Bold Truth Smoky Quartz

Naked Truth Tanzanite & Single Bold Truth Smoky Quartz

“By Special Order Only”

2 5-8 mm AAA Tanzanite tumbled nuggets,
on 1 mm Sterling Silver snake chain, Sterling medium Infinity clasp,
bold oval Sterling chain links, end caps, wire, ball pin and jump rings.

Approximately 16 + 3/4” – 17 1/2”.

Includes free priority shipping and insurance.

Stone properties:
One of the top stones of “orgone energy” stone list; a stone of conversion, aligns and works best with Larimar – when those two stones work together it is said the effects are “for the highest good of all, and according to divine will”. Eternal love, harmony and compassion, divine inspiration, protection, …helps workaholics to keep proper perspective.


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