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We were working on since January:

After several approaches unfortunately it is not a doable thing.

The custom pieces I create are way too specific for a “click & buy” button feature, so I thought perhaps I could offer a few different options by different stone choices and this turned out to be a virtual computer nightmare as well.

The best I can do is offer a “By Special Order” product for stones that pose a sourcing issue and feature those for a limited time.

For those who truly desire a custom piece I am still available for this kind of work, but it will have to be done by communicating by e-mail, or in person if you’re here and by a check transaction, as creating a buy button feature for unforeseen custom pieces proved impossible.

– It’s a process of communication between me and the wearer where all questions from personal style to stone, cut and properties preferences,  as well as budget get addressed.

Then I set out to do research on the stones and their specific properties, and start pre-selecting for the client. I take pics of stock I’ve pulled and they select from these.

Thereafter I wire it all together addressing the community of stones on the wearer’s behalf in terms of their best alignment, till it’s finished. Then I take pics of the piece and e-mail those to the wearer.

They can mail their check off and when it’s cashed the piece is saged off, carded on a Raux Hyde product card, and sent out by priority mail with insurance. I forward the USPS tracking number by e-mail to the recipient.

Depending on how elaborate the pieces are, or the specific stone requests will determine the price of the piece. So no custom piece has a pre-determinable price, but I will continue to post pics of the some custom pieces I’ve made and their prices here in my blog, so those who are interested in a custom piece can know how much such a thing sells for.

It’s a huge process for me, and a wait for the wearer, but for those seeking that symbiotic relationship of working with the stones it is an excellent end result because they can wear the piece daily.

The custom look of many different stones together with bold nickel free Sterling Silver is an awesome combination, and my custom piece owners say they get compliments all the time! …Plus I’ve seen my people layer those right in with other pieces as well.

…Or one can buy a Bold Truth at a time from our Raux Hyde shop in one’s stone preference and gradually layer a big multi stone collar type piece consisting of several, so this option also turns out custom depending on the layers chosen.

Eventually those fine samples I create for Raux Hyde that wind up not making it into the “Punk Rocks” line will be seen at the Hyde Home Base Labs Galleries & FB page including their specifics and prices, and can be acquired here at the Hyde Home Base Labs Galleries in T or C.

If you are not from here and see something on FB you can’t live without send me an e-mail or give us a call, I’ll pull the piece and it can be purchased by check transaction; when the check clears the piece is saged off, carded on a Raux Hyde product card and sent out by priority mail and USPS tracking number is e-mailed to the purchaser.

So there are a few options….



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