Rex Ray 1956 – 2015 “Shine on you crazy Diamond” – your name is legend! Xo L S…

My good friend Rex Ray, the best and possibly most successful commercial Artists ever,                   finally “left the building for the last time, Xo” on Monday 2/9 after long illness.                                          Ive been playing all the discs and tapes he made for me over the last 35 years in my gallery in front of his work.                                                                                                                                                                       He used to leave me notes during the DNA days in the 90’s “Ice-Machine in Studio”, and after my shift ended I’d go upstairs to his studio directly above DNA and hang out. I know I have one of these notes somewhere, have been obsessively searching for it and my “Brides of Funkenstein”/ “Never buy Texas” tape and my copy of “Maggot brain” he made for me.                                                                               He truly was “Flash-Light, Neon-Light…”! “Ice-Maschine in Studio, Forever! … Xo L S”

IMG_5478 IMG_5500 IMG_5479 IMG_5507 Im posting pics of my private collection of his work I currently have on display at the Hyde Home Base Labs Gallery here in T or C, NM.

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