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Hello Dahlink!…Its been such a long time,
…Ive loved the stones, – but I must tell you in the last 35 years Ive seen,
a multitude of minerals, all sorts of rocks and fossils, crystals, gems, semi precious and precious stones and beads, a sea of pearls, and I’ve been fortunate with a good eye for unusual and rare finds, but Ive never seen anything like the Iolite gem nuggets I was privileged to work with in this line.

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Iolite gems

I’m including a little pic of the fantastic trichroic color reaction in this stone batch, the color ranges from a pale olive golden gray through purple to a deep Klein blue hue in the same stone as seen from different angles, truly fabulous!
As Ive never run across this type of material in all my years I bought the limited amount available; and I’m privileged to be aligned with astonishing sources and suppliers, but I don’t know if I will be able to locate these type of stones again, though of course you know I’ll try!

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