The “Dannah” Custom Punk Diva…

Just finished this custom piece.

It is laden with: rare natural and faceted Sapphires in all colors, natural crystal Ruby, pink Tourmaline crystal, natural blue, Imperial and rare Whisky Topaz, Peruvian blue Opals, AAA and AAAA one of a kind Tanzanite, Chrome Diopside crystal and AA ovals, Labradorite, Smoky Quartz, Idocrase / Vesuvianite, natural double terminated Quartz, Cat’s Eye Chrysoberyl, Cat’s Eye Green Quartz, natural Alexandrite, Mexican Fire Opal, natural faceted hot pink Spinels.

Wired together with nickel free Sterling silver components, with African trade beads, vintage Gil Elvgren pin-up button on chocolate deer hide front knotted section, …and 1 metallic deep purple safety pin.

Divas, there are 42 stones on this piece, it’s the equivalent of a Bentley. A custom piece with this type of stone selection depending on stones used and weight will range between $559.00 – $639.00.

Miss “Dannah” has a preference for smaller stones so the cost of this piece was $ 579.00.

Stone Properties: protection & healing.dannahcloseupdannahonmannequin

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