We had no coffee table at HydeHomeBaseLabs Gallery for our Raux Hyde coffee table book

…so I splattered a little wooden one I found thrifting, with nail polish for us to use. It had been 2 years since I had even just a little space set up for painting…I stole this little space for the moment from the back of the gallery. “Ach”, it was like letting the air out of a balloon, oh sweet craziness! So I’m happily deflated for the moment AND we have a place where to put the fabulous Raux Hyde coffee table book down, Yayh!

Couldn’t deny you a few views. Most notably my palette has changed a bit, since this isn’t a location of red orange mountains as I had been painting it for years, but more naples yellow, sage, sand, peaches, lavenders and purples. IMG_7910IMG_7913IMG_7914

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