Working on a “Custom Work Blog” for the front page…

For all of you looking for my custom pieces, and to post pics of new materials to choose from.

Will take a little time, but we’re working on it!….Enjoy!


Featured Image, and to right >>>

pics of the fine new Tanzanite I picked up. It has as fabulous of a trichroic reaction as my fabled Iolite  from Beadsofcambay. The colors range from a cornflower blue, to almost sapphire blue, to purple. Luscious!! Usually when one gets to see Tanzanite it’s not of this saturation, let alone this kind of size of stone.

With Tanzanite as with Larimar the greater the skin exposure to and contact with the stone, the greater its benefit; ironic as the two stones are said “to work together excellently” as well. These Tanzanite stones range from 8 mm to 20 mm.

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